The provider network is the key to success for any healthcare plan.

So we’ve developed partnerships that do it all: Our networks offer excellent, convenient care from a broad range of providers, and they do it at discounted costs that average below those of our competitors. Members get the care they deserve, at the best prices available.

“Strongest-priced regional network in the country.” Optum, Preferred Direct Reinsurance Carrier.

More Than 1,200 Providers

Across East Texas, AccessDirect Platinum is the network of choice that lets health plans offer the best care for the best value. It combines a broad range of providers and facilities with discounts that average below those of any competitor in the region.

The Flexibility You Want

No referrals needed to see in-network specialists.

Partnerships with nationwide networks, so members can access network care at network prices, no matter where they travel or live.


HealthFirst + UnitedHealthcare:
A partnership that works for you.

“Our unique shared-services partnership combines the value and control of a self-funded plan with the power of UHC’s nationwide infrastructure –  including all the choices of its provider and facility network. ”

Available in Texas with HealthFirst!

  • HealthFirst designs a self-funded plan matched to the group’s resources and needs.
  • UnitedHealthcare manages the UHC Options network and all provider relationships.
  • HealthFirst provides customer service to members, processes claims, and handles billing and other tasks traditionally done by a TPA or carrier.
  • United Healthcare and HealthFirst work together to ensure a smooth experience for providers, members and the employer group.

Benefits For Plan Members

The UHC ID card gives members more than just the freedom to choose their providers from the UHC Options network, with its nearly 800,000 physicians and health care professionals. It also gives them the security of universally recognized coverage, so that no matter where they work, live or travel, they know they’ll have access to exceptional care. And because UHC’s discounts are typically greater than those of their national competitors, members can enjoy lower out-of-pocket costs.

Benefits For Employer Groups

Plan sponsors get the power of the UHC network plus the savings of a traditional self-funded plan. The deep UHC discounts, paired with the efficiencies of HealthFirst’s administrative services, mean that employers can see a decrease in their overall healthcare spend while providing a complete and competitive benefits package.


MultiPlan’s PHCS Networks

The PHCS Network is a broad PPO network that offers access in all states to over 4,500 hospitals, 70,000 ancillary care facilities and 700,000 healthcare professionals, so that members can choose the care that’s right for themselves and their families. HealthFirst can access the  PHCS Network in two ways, depending on a group’s needs and location: 

PHCS Network

Primary PPO access nationwide or regionally, with seamless access for participants whether they seek care in their backyard or across the country. 

PHCS Healthy Directions Network

A nationwide complementary provider network, aligned to support multi-sited workforces and the growing mobility of health plan participants. PHCS Healthy Directions Network adds to the access of a primary PPO or a HMO/POS/EPO network by giving health plan participants an additional choice of providers at discounted rates.